erotic short stories

Prisoner of Her Needs

Another one of my early erotic short stories. The story of a woman of many internet identities who finds herself ruthlessly exploitative when she strays into a real life situation. But is this a nightmare? Or might her needs be deeper and darker than … [Read More...]

mummy humiliation story

Jealous MUMMY

While this could be described easily as a 'mummy humiliation story', I like to think that is it something more. It is about a frustrated and jealous mummy, but also about the transgressive thrill of a betrayal. The ultimate betrayal... Janet … [Read More...]

mother - daughter erotica

The Probation Officer

A mother - daughter erotic story. Arespectable middle-class woman has a dark compulsion to seek sordid sexual gratification in the high-crime ‘slum’ part of town. She is a Senior Parole Officer and fatally compromises herself by offering her body … [Read More...]

stepdaddy stories

The Pervert Within

Harry Stenton has a stepdaughter. Harry Stenton is also a man with a sinister past, a man with many secrets. For most of his life he has been a brutal habitual and unrepentant serial sex offender: a violent man, without pity or remorse. But … [Read More...]

Home Invasion Story

Interrogating Mummy: A Home Invasion Mind Game

I always wanted this to be more than a straightforward 'home invasion' story. What interested me more was the interaction, the mind games between invader and invaded. Given the position of holding the victim's son, bestowed the ultimate leverage, … [Read More...]

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