sex offender story

The Devil Inside Judge Nina

A Judge and sex offender story... From Amazon: Judge Nina has a sexual obsession with young sex-offenders. Judge Nina Bullock has a fascination with young sex-offenders. She is drawn to them like a moth to flame, she cannot help herself. She … [Read More...]

erotic short stories

Prisoner of Her Needs

Another one of my early erotic short stories. The story of a woman of many internet identities who finds herself ruthlessly exploitative when she strays into a real life situation. But is this a nightmare? Or might her needs be deeper and darker than … [Read More...]

interracial humiliation

Obsession – Interracial Story

This is a dark interracial story about the humiliations a lonely and sexually frustrated woman will accept as the price of male company. Julia Marshall is obsessed by a young black escort. There is nothing she will not give him or do to keep his … [Read More...]

mummy humiliation story

Jealous MUMMY

While this could be described easily as a 'mummy humiliation story', I like to think that is it something more. It is about a frustrated and jealous mummy, but also about the transgressive thrill of a betrayal. The ultimate betrayal... Janet … [Read More...]

Sexual Blackmail

Sexual Blackmail

I had wanted to write a story about sexual blackmail for some time. Although such a thing can occur in many settings and take different guises I settled on a prison officer because prison is a harsh environment, and such a position gives them a great … [Read More...]

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