Sexual Blackmail

Sexual Blackmail

I had wanted to write a story about sexual blackmail for some time. Although such a thing can occur in many settings and take different guises I settled on a prison officer because prison is a harsh environment, and such a position gives them a great … [Read More...]

Home Invasion Story

Interrogating Mummy: A Home Invasion Mind Game

I always wanted this to be more than a straightforward 'home invasion' story. What interested me more was the interaction, the mind games between invader and invaded. Given the position of holding the victim's son, bestowed the ultimate leverage, … [Read More...]

sex offender story

The Devil Inside Judge Nina

A Judge and sex offender story... From Amazon: Judge Nina has a sexual obsession with young sex-offenders. Judge Nina Bullock has a fascination with young sex-offenders. She is drawn to them like a moth to flame, she cannot help herself. She … [Read More...]

mother - daughter erotic story

The Probation Officer

A mother - daughter erotic story. Arespectable middle-class woman has a dark compulsion to seek sordid sexual gratification in the high-crime ‘slum’ part of town. She is a Senior Parole Officer and fatally compromises herself by offering her body … [Read More...]

My Ramblings

Slumming for Sex

Slumming For Sex

Slumming for Sex Wealthy divorcee Celia has a secret sexual obsession. She is fascinated by the young and homeless boys she sees around town. … [Read More...]